Adventures with Sermon Backlog! (Sermons Nov. 25-Dec. 16)

Hello Friends,

I have been remiss in posting and I do apologize.  (Sermons are posted weekly on YouTube if you want to subscribe there-links below.)  I have no excuse, just that time slipped away.

Here are my sermons for the last few weeks.  We are in the midst of Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas.  Don’t forget Advent, and don’t forget that Christmas is a 12 day feast that STARTS on the 25th.  Don’t toss your tree out on the 26th (St. Stephen’s Day, btw)! haha

Anyway, here are the sermons, and below a little treat for you.

Sermon, Christ the King, Year B, Nov. 25, 2018

Sermon, Advent 1, Year C, Dec. 2, 2018

Sermon, Advent 2, Year C, Dec. 9, 2018

Sermon, Advent 3, Year C, Dec. 16, 2018

Thanks for stopping by:

-Rev. Lauren

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