Adventures with Snow Days!

Hello Friends!

If you live in New England (or the Northeast in general) you probably know about the big storm we had over the weekend of Jan. 18-20.  Because of the snow/rain/ice, we cancelled church on Jan. 20th!  This is something I have never done before, but we thought it was the right thing to do.  So, there is no sermon for Jan. 20th (sorry!).

I know I have been behind in my sermon posts, so here are the ones that I owe you.  As always, if you want them right away, please subscribe to my You Tube page.

Sermon, Advent 4, Year C, Dec. 23, 2018

Sermon, Christmas 1, Year C, Dec. 30, 2018

Sermon, Epiphany, Year C, Jan. 6, 2019

Sermon, 1 Epiphany, Year C, Jan. 13, 2019

Thanks for stopping by,

Rev. Lauren

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