Adventures with Jonah! (Sermon, Jan. 21, 2018)

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This week, as we continue in the season after the Epiphany, we hear more call stories.  In Mark, we get the call of the fishermen, and for our Hebrew Bible selection, we hear part of the story of Jonah.  Most people only remember that Jonah gets swallowed by a big fish (or whale), but that is only a very small part of the story.  Check it out:

Text: Mark 1:14-20 and Jonah 3:1-5, 10

Sermon, 3 Epiphany, Year B, Jan. 21, 2018

Another bit of news, I will be having my baby this week!  So, this is my last sermon before 3 months of maternity leave.  I wish you all well in my absence, I will try to post periodically, but no guarantees.

See you in April!

Rev. Lauren

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Adventures with Invitation! (Sermon, Jan. 14, 2018)

Hello Friends,

I’m back (for now) after the Bishop’s visit on Jan. 7th.  This week, we jump into the Gospel of John and learn about inviting people to check Jesus out.  It is as simple as saying “come and see.”  Come and see what God has done in my life.  If we do that, then maybe more people can see how God has affected their lives.  This is how we are to follow Jesus, and this is how churches grow.

Text: John 1:43-51

Sermon, 2nd Sunday after Epiphany, Year B, Jan. 14, 2018

As you may or may not know, I am pregnant!  I am in the last few weeks, as a matter of fact, and the baby could come at any time. So, this might be my last sermon for a while, or maybe it won’t.  You will just have to keep checking back in for updates.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rev. Lauren

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Adventures with Christmas, continued! (Sermon, Dec. 31, 2017)

Hi Friends!

Merry Christmas!  Don’t forget that Christmas lasts until Jan. 6th, so don’t take down those trees yet (unless they are all dried out and hazardous).  Anyway, on Christmas 1, we Episcopalians veer a little off the Revised Common Lectionary and read from the Gospel of John.  This is John’s version of the birth of Christ, but you will notice that Jesus isn’t in the story, in a physical way anyway.  John talks more about the meaning behind the birth of Jesus, His incarnation, and how we are suppoesd to react.  Check it out:

Text: John 1:1-18 

Sermon, Christmas 1, Year B, Dec. 31, 2017

Here is the article I quote by Thomas B. Slater

Next Sunday, Jan. 7th, the Bishop is coming to visit St. Anne’s, so no sermon from me, but I’m sure it will be an awesome day!

Thanks for stopping by,

Rev. Lauren

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Adventures with Advent 4/Christmas Eve! (Sermons, Dec. 24, 2017)

Hi Friends,

This year on Dec. 24th it was Advent 4 AND Christmas Eve.  This is a rare and strange occurrence.  At St. Anne’s, we honored Advent 4 with the story of the Annunciation at 9am, and then had our regular Christmas Eve services at 1pm and 10pm.  My parishioners were good sports in that I made them wait to decorate for Christmas until after the 9am service.  (I am a stickler about the “Christmas creep” in church-I mean do what you want at home, but not at church!).

Anyway, here are my 2 sermons from the 24th.  They sound a bit softer than normal, as I forgot to hit the record button while I was preaching live, so I recorded them at home, and luckily no cats interrupted.  Take a listen!

Advent 4: 

Luke 1:26-38

Sermon, Advent 4, Year B, Dec. 24, 2017

Christmas Eve:

Luke 2:1-10

Sermon, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2017

Thanks for stopping by!

Rev. Lauren

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Adventures with Pointing! (Sermon, Dec. 17, 2017)

Hello Friends!

I am back after 2 weeks off and what a great story to start with.  We hear about John the Baptist from the point of view of John the Gospel writer.  In John’s Gospel, John the Baptist isn’t known as a baptist, mostly he is know as a witness, someone who points to Jesus and prepares the way.  What can we do in our lives to point the way to Jesus?  How are our lives pointing to Jesus in either a good way or a bad way?  Take a listen:

Text: John 1:6-8,19-28

Sermon, Advent 3, Year B, Dec. 17, 2017

Next week is Advent 4 AND Christmas Eve!  A liturgical conundrum if I have ever had one.  We will still be having an Advent 4 service as well as Christmas Eve, hope to see you then!  Check out our schedule at

Thanks for stoping by,

Rev. Lauren


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Adventures with Goats! (Sermon, Nov. 26, 2017)

Hello Friends!

Nov. 26th was Christ the King Sunday, also the Last Sunday after Pentecost, so the last day of the church year, and our last Matthew parable for a while (phew).  Next week, Advent starts, but as I always say, don’t rush!  Today, we hear about the final judgment how the sheep will be sorted from the goats, but guess what…judgment is for God alone!  Take a listen:

Text: Matthew 25:31-46

Sermon, Proper 29, Year A, Nov. 26, 2017

I will be on vacation the next 2 Sundays, so don’t miss me too much, hehehe.

~Rev. Lauren

PS: The article from Janet Hunt that I quote is here.

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Adventures with Talents! (Sermon, Nov. 19, 2017)

Hello Friends!

As Church Year A winds down, we get our last Matthew parable (phew!), the so called Parable of the Talents.  A talent was a form of money, not a skill that you have (I’ll talk about that more in the sermon).  This parable is on the long side and there are so many ways to approach it.  Something I learned from my awesome preaching professor in seminary (yay Mo. Mittes), is that you can’t cover everything so you do your best to cover 1 or 2 topics and relate them to your current situation.  I try to do that with every sermon and this week it spins into stewardship territory.  Not financial stewardship, rather caring for God’s creation for the short time that we are living.  Anyway, take a listen!

Matthew 25:14-30

Sermon, Proper 28, Year A, Nov. 19, 2017

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Rev. Lauren

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