Adventures with Advent 3!

Hello Friends!

December 13th was Advent 3, Christmas is not far off! Here is my yearly priestly reminder: Christmas is a 12 day long feast that STARTS on December 25th. So, don’t throw your tree away so fast and keep celebrating all 12 days (or as long as you want, honestly, we need JOY this year).

Also this past weekend we blessed our new outdoor Nativity set. The children/youth started fundraising for this project last year. They raised the funds to purchase Mary, Joseph, the angel, and the baby Jesus. Then they built the stable themselves! It was a wonderful outreach project for the parish, as the set sits by our Main St. entrance for all to see as they drive/walk by.

Anyway, we held an outdoor event (masks on) to celebrate the addition. This took the place of our tradition “Cookies and Carols” where the kids make and decorate cookies, we eat them, and sing carols after reading the Christmas story. This time we had hot cocoa from Dunkin’ and individually wrapped cookies.

It was a wonderful event and it made my heart happy so see the children playing and the adults chatting in person (safely distanced). It also made me feel sad that we can’t get together more often. We just have to remember that we make sacrifices now in order to be able to have a bigger and better time next year. The children’s hand bell choir also payed a few tunes. Here are some pictures!

To see our recording of the Advent 3 service, click here.

To read a post about that pink candle, click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mo. Lauren

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