Adventures with a Bishop’s Visit!

Hello Friends,

Yesterday (11/22/2020) was Christ the King Sunday, also known as the last day of the Church Year. Next week, Advent starts!

It was also a special day for St. Stephen’s as we had a Bishop visiting us virtually. The Right Rev. Geralyn Wolf, Assistant Bishop of Long Island, joined us for worship (on Zoom) and preached. (read more about her here) Bishops must visit each parish in their Diocese on a rotating basis, so it is not uncommon to have a Bishop visit periodically. What is interesting this time is that it was all online.

Due to COVID restrictions and in an effort to keep our people safe, we have a short 30 minutes service in person at 9am, and then at 10am we have our main service on Zoom. The 10am service is the mostly like “normal” with beautiful music sung by the choir, laypeople reading and praying, and the celebration of Holy Eucharist. The difference is that I am in the Church alone (with 1 other person behind the scenes-far away) and everyone else is at home. While this is not idea for our community building, it is what is best for now. My main priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy while still worshipping God together.

It was a pleasure to have Bishop Wolf as a guest and I encourage you to watch our service on YouTube:

Thanks for stopping by!

Mo. Lauren

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