Adventures with Advent 1!


Happy New Church Year! We are now in Advent, which is a short season of anticipation leading up to Christmas. (Don’t forget that Christmas is a 12 day feast that STARTS on Dec. 25th).

This season is when we are to take some time to reflect on God’s gift of love that came in the form of Jesus all those years ago. This is something we should do all the time, but in Advent we have some special time set apart for that purpose.

Below is our service from Advent 1. For some reason the camera goes all blurry, but never fear, you can just close your etes and listen instead of looking. Hopefully I’ll figure out the problem before next week. When we do the service, I am all alone in the church, so it is nearly impossible for me to trouble shoot on the fly.

St. Stephen’s Church, Advent 1, Nov. 29, 2020

Thanks for stopping by!

Mo. Lauren

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