Adventures with Large Stones! (Sermon, Nov. 18, 2018)

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it),

This past week was our last Markan reading for a while, as we will some be moving into Advent and a new church year. This is the apocalyptic section of Mark, and this reading has caused many people a lot of strife over the years.  Jesus seems to offer signs of the end of the world, but as far as signs go, t hey aren’t very clear and later He says that no one can know the hour.  So, what is this story really about if it isn’t about “the end?”

Note: I have some coughing fits during the sermon.  The dry air from the church boiler was getting to me.  I did not have time to edit it out (what with the baby and holiday), so think of it as if you are really there!

Text: Mark 13:1-8

Sermon, Proper 28, Year B, Nov. 18, 2018

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Rev. Lauren

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