Adventures with Financial Planning! (Sermon Nov. 11, 2018)

Hello Friends!

Sorry for the very late post.  A look behind the curtain: at home I have a MacBook Pro and that is where I prepare my videos and edit if needed.  At work, I have a PC that is pretty bare bones, so I need to get my videos ready at home.  The problem is, at home is my almost 10 month son!  He comes first, so often the sermon posting comes last, it is a fact of life.  But I have some free time right now, so I will have 2 posts!

This text is the so-called story of the “Widow’s Mite.”  The widow is often held up as a positive example of giving, but she is anything but.  Take a listen:

Text: Mark 12:38-44

Sermon, Proper 27, Year B, Nov. 11, 2018

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Rev. Lauren

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