Adventures in Bread Making! (Sermon 7/27)

Hello Friends,

This Sunday we read Matthew 13:31-33,44-52, which is a bunch of parables about the kingdom all in a row.  I chose to talk about the parable of the woman making bread, which is only one sentence long, yet is very rich indeed.  Many thanks go out to my friend Mother Stefanie who provided me with her project about this very parable, so I had a lot of great insight from her.

A little context, on this Sunday (July 27, 2014) we had 2 baptisms (I will reference that in the sermon and the sermon is a little shorter than normal).  One of the babies decided that she didn’t like my sermon and starting crying during it, which is totally fine, I’m just letting you know that you might hear some background noise on this one.

Sermon, Matthew 13:31-33,42-52, Proper 12, July 27, 2014

Thanks for stopping by!

Mo. Lauren and Fr. Kenny

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