Adventures in Feeding Thousands! (Sermon 8/3)

Hello Friends!

This past Sunday featured one of the most famous miracle stories of Jesus, the feeding of the 5,000 plus people.  This appears in all 4 Gospels (and later in Matthew again), so it is obviously very important.  But why?  Well, I explore that very question in the sermon posted below.  I preached this at Emmanuel, Great River, but also at Christ Church in Brentwood.  They are a Spanish/English speaking church, so as I preached, a gentleman translated, which was a first for me.  It was a great day overall!

Sermon- Matthew 14:13-21 – Proper 13-Year A-August 3, 2014

Next Sunday, I’m on vacation and I’m NOT preaching!  Wow.  So you will have to wait for the next sermon.  But, Fr. Kenny and I will be traveling a bit, so stay tuned for some fun adventures.

-Mo. Lauren

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