Adventures with Great Chasms! (Sermon Sept. 25, 2015)

Hello Friends,

This week’s parable from Luke about the Lazarus and the Rich Man is a very vivid one.  There is wonderful imagery of the Rich Man in fine, purple robes, and Lazarus suffering with dogs licking his wounds.  Then, in the afterlife, there is a great chasm separating the Rich Man from Lazarus while the man burns in eternal fire, and Lazarus is comforted.  While this is lovely imagery (there is a lot of beautiful art about this topic), is this what Jesus’ image of the afterlife is for us?  I say, no, of course not.  Parables are not stories that predict the future, rather they are tales that reveal something to us about the present.  So what does this story reveal? <click below!>

Luke 16:19-31, Sermon, Proper 21, Year C, Sept. 25, 2016

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Rev. Lauren

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