Adventures with Stumbling Blocks! (Sermon, Sept 30, 2018)

Hello Friends!

This week we continue in Mark, but the story is chopped up so much that we need to go back a bit to last week in order to get the whole story.  That is the problem with the Lectionary.  Sometimes it chops things up in a strange way.  Luckily, we can always go back and clarify.  Mark loves to make a point by sticking a seemingly unrelated text in the middle of two related texts.  That is what we have here….

Text: Mark 9:38-50

Sermon, Proper 21, Year B, Sept. 30, 2018

This week we have a quest preacher, but it is the Blessing of the Pets in honor of St. Francis, so stay tuned!

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Lauren

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