Adventures with Mustard! (sermon, June 17, 2018)

Hello Friends!

This week we have 2 parables of growth in Mark, including the famous mustard seed parable.  Jesus calls mustard the “mightiest of shrubs” and that makes me wonder if any company has used that as a slogan (get on the Heinz).  What makes mustard mighty?  Why is it an apt description of God’ Kingdom?  What does this have to do with God’s love?

Text: Mark 4:26-34

Sermon, Proper 6, Year B, June 17, 2018

If you are outraged at the separation of families at our borders (as I am) please check out and consider donating to Episcopal Migration Ministries (link below) and read a letter from our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Alan Gates (also below).  God is love, and we are to act in love in all we do.  Love and compassion towards the immigrant and prisoner are recurring themes in the Bible.  We should remember that, and act in order make God’s LOVE known to all those who suffer.

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Message from Bishop Gates regarding immigrant family protection

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Rev. Lauren


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