Adventures with the Trinity! (Sermon, May 27, 2018)

Hello Friends!

After the end of Eastertide last week, we celebrated Trinity Sunday by reading the Gospel of John 3:1-17.  This passage is dense with information and Scriptural references, and it even includes perhaps the most famous line of Scripture, John 3:16.  Of course, you can never take one line out of context and attempt to understand it.  So, what is happening in this text?  Take a listen:

Text: John 3:1-17

Sermon, Trinity Sunday, Year B, May 27, 2018

Thanks for stopping by, next week we launch into the season after Pentecost, aka Ordinary Time, the longest church season.  More on that then.

~Rev. Lauren

PS- The image used in the video is Rublev’s “Trinity”

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1 Response to Adventures with the Trinity! (Sermon, May 27, 2018)

  1. Ellie Kazandjian says:

    Thank You for posting your sermon. It is especially welcome to people like me: aging with visual and auditory problems. You are doing a great service through caring and love. May the Holy Spirit continue to be known through your efforts.

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