Adventures with Invitation! (Sermon, Jan. 14, 2018)

Hello Friends,

I’m back (for now) after the Bishop’s visit on Jan. 7th.  This week, we jump into the Gospel of John and learn about inviting people to check Jesus out.  It is as simple as saying “come and see.”  Come and see what God has done in my life.  If we do that, then maybe more people can see how God has affected their lives.  This is how we are to follow Jesus, and this is how churches grow.

Text: John 1:43-51

Sermon, 2nd Sunday after Epiphany, Year B, Jan. 14, 2018

As you may or may not know, I am pregnant!  I am in the last few weeks, as a matter of fact, and the baby could come at any time. So, this might be my last sermon for a while, or maybe it won’t.  You will just have to keep checking back in for updates.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rev. Lauren

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1 Response to Adventures with Invitation! (Sermon, Jan. 14, 2018)

  1. Cliff Little says:

    Ya know …. that was awesome! Kind of …. here’s the questions your afraid to think, but do think. And the priest vocalizes them … so you guys in the pews are in priestly company. No easy answers. Just curiosity. “Come and See ….” The illative having experience, nurturing faith.
    Anyway … I think that’s what I mean.
    See if you can convince Fa. Rick to record his testimony as you do yours.
    Thanx ….

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