Adventures with Pointing! (Sermon, Dec. 17, 2017)

Hello Friends!

I am back after 2 weeks off and what a great story to start with.  We hear about John the Baptist from the point of view of John the Gospel writer.  In John’s Gospel, John the Baptist isn’t known as a baptist, mostly he is know as a witness, someone who points to Jesus and prepares the way.  What can we do in our lives to point the way to Jesus?  How are our lives pointing to Jesus in either a good way or a bad way?  Take a listen:

Text: John 1:6-8,19-28

Sermon, Advent 3, Year B, Dec. 17, 2017

Next week is Advent 4 AND Christmas Eve!  A liturgical conundrum if I have ever had one.  We will still be having an Advent 4 service as well as Christmas Eve, hope to see you then!  Check out our schedule at

Thanks for stoping by,

Rev. Lauren


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