Adventures with Talents! (Sermon, Nov. 19, 2017)

Hello Friends!

As Church Year A winds down, we get our last Matthew parable (phew!), the so called Parable of the Talents.  A talent was a form of money, not a skill that you have (I’ll talk about that more in the sermon).  This parable is on the long side and there are so many ways to approach it.  Something I learned from my awesome preaching professor in seminary (yay Mo. Mittes), is that you can’t cover everything so you do your best to cover 1 or 2 topics and relate them to your current situation.  I try to do that with every sermon and this week it spins into stewardship territory.  Not financial stewardship, rather caring for God’s creation for the short time that we are living.  Anyway, take a listen!

Matthew 25:14-30

Sermon, Proper 28, Year A, Nov. 19, 2017

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Rev. Lauren

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