Adventures at Clergy Conference!

Hello Friends!

A few weeks back (I know, late posting), Fr. Kenny and I went to Clergy Conference, our first one in Massachusetts.  The conference is held every year at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA, and it is a lovely place, even though the weather in April isn’t so great.

The theme of the conference was “Preach Better, for God’s Sake!”  We focused on improving our preaching skills as well as preaching more on the Old Testament, the section of the Bible that we tend to forget about.  Over all it was a great few days, we learned a lot, but also had free time to network and relax.  Here are some pictures!

Fr. Kenny loves Werther’s

Learning about preaching the Old Testament

One some free time, we walked to the beach!

Who knew that Kenny’s outfit used to be considered beach wear?

Great beach weather

No, no, Kenny, its raining…

For a little while we could see the water from the main mansion, this must be a great place in the summer!

Ocean view

Thanks for stopping by!

~Rev. Lauren

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