Adventures Walking the Road! (Sermon, April 30, 2017)

Hello Friends!

This week we jump into Luke and read the story of Cleopas and friends walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  There is so much in this excerpt that it is often hard to pick one point to focus on.  These followers of Christ are walking and talking and feeling disappointed, sad, angry, and many other feelings.  Jesus then comes and let’s them feel all those feelings, which is something we often forget.  We tend to like to think that because we follow Jesus we have to be happy clappy all the time, well, we don’t:

Luke 25:13-35, Easter 3, Year A, April 30, 2017

A note: we had 3, yes 3, baptisms Sunday, so there is a lot of extra background noise, and I LOVE IT!  If you don’t have noisy kids in church, your church is on the way out, so embrace it!

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Rev. Lauren

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