Adventures in Making Mud! (Sermon, March 26, 2017)

Hello Friends!

This past Sunday was Lent 4, and we heard the story about how Jesus made the man born blind, see (John 9:1-41).  It was also Laetare Sunday, aka Rejoice Sunday, aka Mothering Sunday, aka Respite Sunday.  Laetare means “to rejoice” and this Sunday is meant as a little respite for pilgrims during Lent.  Traditionally, we would change from purple vestments to rose (let’s just call it pink, because it is pink), in order to brighten things up.  At St. Anne’s we do not have rose colored vestments, but Fr. Kenny does!

Eat your heart out Molly Ringwald….

The only other day to wear rose is on the 3rd Sunday of Advent (Laudaute Sunday), that is where the pictures of Kenny come from.

Anyway, here is the sermon for this week.  Where does illness come from the disciples ask?  (HINT: not sin or God, that’s for sure.)

John 9:1-41, Sermon, Lent 4, Year A, March 26, 2017

Thanks for stopping by!

-Rev. Lauren

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