Adventures in the Desert! (sermon March 5, 2017)

Hello Everyone!

March 5th was the First Sunday of Lent.  I love Lent, it gets a bad rap as a depressing time, but it really isn’t.  It is a time to rededicate yourself to Christ through prayer, learning, and yes, fasting.  It doesn’t have to be a depressing time, it can be an enriching time.  Also, purple is my favorite color, so I love the vestments, ha!

The story for the first Sunday is always the same, Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  The tempter comes and urges Jesus to make bread from stones, to jump off a cliff, and to take power over all the nations.  What is at stake here is not only what it seems on the surface, resisting temptation.  This is a story about power and identity, and how we choose to use it.  Take a listen:

Matthew 4:1-11, click here to listen on YouTube

Don’t forget that March 12th is Daylight Savings Time!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Rev. Lauren

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