Adventures with the 2nd Advent of Christ! (Sermon, Nov. 29, 2015)

Hello Friends,

Happy New Church Year, and blessed Advent.  This time of year, we can get bogged down in the rush towards Christmas, but don’t!  Advent is a 4 week period when we are supposed to reflectively and prayerfully wait for Jesus’ birth, or his 1st Advent.  The reading today is a prediction of the end of the world and Jesus’ return (i.e. the 2nd Advent).  So why do we read this?  Well, we live in the that in-between time and these texts give us clues about how to live while we wait.  Take a listen:

Luke 21:25-36, Advent 1, Year C, November 29, 2015

No sermon next week, the bishop is coming for his visitation and he gets to preach!

Thanks for stopping by,

Mo. Lauren

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