Adventures in Questioning Jesus! (Sermon August 2, 2015)

Hello Friends!

I apologize for the late upload, it has been a hectic time.  I will be going on vacation soon (yay!) and getting everything ready before I leave is driving me a bit nuts.  Fr. Kenny has not decided whether or not he is coming with me, but if he does, expect some great pictures!

The text this week continues out journey through John 6.  The people are so confused by Jesus.  He heals them, gives them food, but then does NOT want to be the king, what is happening?  We tend to criticize the crowd for not believing right away, but maybe we are just like them…..take a listen….

Sermon, John 6:24-35, Proper 13, Year B, August 2, 2015

There will be one more sermon before vacation. Don’t miss me too much! Thanks for stopping by,

Mo. Lauren

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