Adventures with the Fiery Spirit! (Sermon May 24, 2015)

Hello Friends,

I am a week behind, and I apologize for that, a lot of things have been happening.  Not the least of these things is the arrival of Pentecost, when we hear about how the Holy Spirit descended on ALL PEOPLE and how we are supposed work with the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We have domesticated the Spirit, forgetting the fire, the rushing wind, the confusion.  The Spirit is here to push us, stretch us, make us grow….well, take a listen:

Sermon, Acts 2:1-21, John 15:26-27;16:4b-15, Pentecost , Year B, May 24, 2015

Also, I neglected to post the sermon from the week before on Easter 7, so here it is!

Sermon, John 17:6-19, Easter 7, Year B, May 17, 2015 

The Bishop is coming to visit this weekend, so no sermon, but I will try to get some pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mo. Lauren

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