Adventures in being a bad friend!

Hello All!

So, last week, we had a Clergy Day at the Diocesan headquarters in Garden City, NY.  This is a quarterly event when clergy from the Diocese get together for worship, study, food, and of course fun.  Sometimes the speakers are “ho-hum” but this time the speaker was really interesting, but this post is not about that.

Fr. Kenny really wanted to come to with me, and many people asked about him, but I FORGOT KENNY!  A true “Home Alone” situation.  Poor guy was very disappointed, and I felt really bad.  So I popped over to Amazon and got Fr. Kenny a new friend from one of his favorite movies:

He is Groot

He is Groot

Yup, it is Baby Groot from “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” Fr. Kenny wasn’t mad for long, in fact they had a dance party:

The Jackson 5 is still awesome!

The Jackson 5 is still awesome!

I think Fr. Kenny has forgiven me, and I PROMISE that I will bring him to the next Clergy Day event, maybe even Clergy Conference….I hear there is karaoke there….

Whoa Father, calm down there, buddy.

Whoa Father, calm down there, buddy.

See you next time!

Mo. Lauren

PS-Watch Baby Groot dance here:

Baby Groot=Super Cute

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