Adventures in Christmas! (Sermon Dec. 24/25, 2014)

Hello Friends!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Since the start of Advent, I have been urging you all to wait, wait, wait, but now the wait is over!  Christmas has begun!  (yes it lasts until January 6th, so don’t throw out your tree yet).

Here is my sermon from Christmas Eve/Day, both days have the same reading and different people tend to come to the services, so you only get one sermon.  That’s a little preacher trick. HA!  Anyway, the picture on today’s sermon is of the manger scene inside Emmanuel Church, one of the places I serve.  Enjoy!

Sermon, Christmas Eve/Day, Luke 2:1-20, Dec. 24/25, 2014

Until next time, Merry Christmas!

-Mo. Lauren

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