Adventures in Pink Candles!

Hello Friends!

This past Sunday (the 14th) was the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the week when we light the pink candle on the wreath.  I was away, so Fr. Kenny held down the fort, and got to break out his rose colored vestments, or as I like to call it the pretty pink chasuble.

Eat your heart out Molly Ringwald....

Eat your heart out Molly Ringwald….

The liturgical color for Advent is usually blue or purple, but on the 3rd Sunday of Advent you can wear rose.  Now, Fr. Kenny has a pink chasuble, but I don’t, because these things cost a lot of money, especially when there are only 2 Sundays a year when you can wear it (3rd Sunday of Advent and 4th Sunday of Lent).  Kenny’s was hand made for him, lucky fellow.

Now pink Sunday in Advent  is also called “Gaudete” Sunday (the pink day in Lent is “Laetare” Sunday).  It is generally accepted that this candle represents joy amidst a penitential season, even though Advent is not super penitential anymore.  If you want more details, check out Fr. Timothy Schenk’s blog, “Clergy Confidential.”  He does a way better job of explaining it than I could ever do: click here!

My speciality is silly pictures, so here we go.

Fr. Kenny was excited to be on his own and we followed Eucharist Prayer D, which is a lovely prayer filled with Orthodox imagery:


And also some awesome, and awesomely difficult, chanting!

Maybe Fr. Kenny should do the simple tone version....

Maybe Fr. Kenny should do the simple tone version….

Advent 4 is fast approaching, and then Christmas, but, don’t rush things friends.  Remember to take time to reflect on what we are waiting for, God incarnate, God as one of us, this is a big deal, worthy of contemplation.

Until next time!

Mo. Lauren

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