Adventures with Sheep and Goats! (Sermon Nov. 23, 2014)

Hello Friends!

This past Sunday, Nov. 23rd, was the Last Sunday after Pentecost, or Christ the King Sunday, which is the last Sunday of the Church Year.  That means next week Advent starts, and then Christmas is a mere 4 weeks away!  Wow, it sure does go by quickly.  But…don’t rush things.  Here we have our last text from Matthew for bit, his vision of the final sorting of Jesus’ return on the throne in all His splendor, but, what does this mean for us now?  Well, take a listen:

Matthew 25:31-46, Proper 29, Year A, Nov. 23, 2014

Around 7:46 the power went out on the whole block, but we soldiered through.  It came back on about 15-20 minutes later, just a fluke, so don’t worry.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mo. Lauren.

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