More Adventures in Cleaning Out the Office!

Hello friends,

You know when you get to a new job and you inherit an office full of stuff, then you have to go through it all?  Well the same thing happens at churches.  Some offices are well organized and have administrative assistants, a working computer, a scanner and more.  When I arrived, the office had none of these things.  Since last September, I have been slowly going through the office (which is just a cordoned off section of the Parish Hall) in order to get things the way I like them, which is organized, neat, and functional.  We got a newer computers, got the printer fixed (it still won’t scan for some reason), we don’t have an admin, but I have been throwing things away.

I had a previous post about finding fun things in the office, and I have found more!  One of the things about churches is that we never throw anything away.  So my office has about 30 years of stuff piled up everywhere (and some older stuff-the church was founded in 1862).  A big drawer filled only with copies of the Palm Sunday Passion Play which is changed every few years?  Check!  Two cookie tins filled with unlabeled keys to things that are probably long gone?  Check!  Here are some of the new fun things that I have discovered.

I found these while cleaning out the Sunday School Area (just another portion of the Parish Hall):

Nirvana, yay!  Led Zep, sure, I'll take it!  Phish, no thanks.

Nirvana, yay! Led Zep, sure, I’ll take it! Phish, no thanks.

Music/lyric books of various bands that are not Christian bands.  Wow, what a cool find.  I’m very excited about Nirvana (my favorite band besides Rammstein).  I’m cool with Led Zeppelin, and then Phish, well they are a band.  Not my favorite, but interesting that its here.

Next I found some beach balls and GLOW STICKS!  PAAAAARTY!

Just wait until its dark, Fr. Kenny is gonna party like its 1997!

Just wait until its dark, Fr. Kenny is gonna party like its 1997!

I imagine these are from a picnic or something, but still kind of odd.  Fr. Kenny was reminded of his college days dancing at Buttons in Syracuse…oh I think that was me…..

"S'ALRIGHT?"  "s'alright"

“S’ALRIGHT?” “s’alright”

Fr. Kenny found a new toy, a mini ventriloquist dummy made just for a man of his stature.  Hopefully it won’t get possessed and try to take over his sermons.

Finally, we get some literature.  These are usually the most interesting finds, because these little books (tracts) are usually quite old and the theology outdated.  Some of it is humorous, and some of it makes me angry because of the damage I’m sure it caused to people who read these books seriously in the past.  So today, I choose to laugh at these and shake my head.

Why Drink?  This booklet is why.....

Why Drink? This booklet is why…..

That is all for today.  Thanks for reading you guys.  If you have found anything funny or weird in your office, please share!

-Mo. Lauren

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