Exploring Church closets and drawers

Part of the fun of working at a new place is exploring the closets, drawers, files cabinets, etc.  You can always find some interesting things that have been stashed away for many years awaiting discovery!  Something things are puzzling, like this:

Yup, it is a "3D" movement picture.

Yup, it is a “3D” movement picture.

You can’t see it, but Fr. Kenny is shaking his head.  I can only say, at least this isn’t hanging up.  The mourners move as you turn the picture side to side and of course Jesus is super caucasian, which is not accurate at all.  But it is good for a laugh.  There is a market out there for terrible religious kitsch, some people collect the stuff.

Other things you find make you happy with nostalgia, like this:

Kenny remembers his break dancing days.

Kenny remembers his break dancing days.

I love finding old technology.  I took a bunch of old VCRs to be recycled, but I couldn’t part with these.  I haven’t tested them to see if they work, but if they do, I’ll be rocking out to my Neneh Cherry “Buffalo Stance” single faster than you can say 4th grade nostalgia.

Other things you find are so bad, so theologically terrible, that you can only lay down in despair, facing away from the thing, a la Stuart Wellington from The Flop House Podcast (“Oogieloves” episode-check out that podcast, it is great).

ugh, just, ugh

ugh, just, ugh

This one is so terrible, it isn’t really funny, well I guess it is a little funny.  I won’t throw it out though, I think I’ll keep it as reminder to never say anything so cliched and simplistic.


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