Origin story

Everyone loves a good origin story, the trend of rebooting superhero franchises proves that, and it just so happens that Fr. Kenny has one as well!

We had a Christmas fair at Emmanuel Church in Great River, NY where I serve as priest in charge.  I was out of town during the fair, but when I got back, all the unsold items were in boxes around the parish hall.  Of course, I decided to see if anything good was lying around and what to my wandering eyes did appear?  A priest “Barbie” doll complete with vestments in a plastic bag (with hangers).


He is ready for all seasons!

I do not know where he came from, he isn’t saying, but his outfits were obviously handmade with care (even an amice for goodness sake).  We had a little contest on Facebook to name him, and ever since, he has been by my side.  With greying temples, a permanently concerned expression, and a hastily drawn on goatee, he is a great helper.  People seemed to like to see our exploits on Facebook, so now, we have a blog!  Why not?  It is free after all.  Anyway, I will be posting photos of our adventures periodically, and perhaps I’ll post other thoughts and reflections on God, ministry, Jesus, and life in general.  Enjoy!

Fr. Kenny helped out with Ash Wednesday

Fr. Kenny helped out with Ash Wednesday

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